About Bobbie

My interest in yoga truly began after the birth of my son. I had taken a few classes here and there, but it took training for a marathon to encourage me to practice regularly. My passion for yoga only grew after enrolling in a prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was overwhelmed by the sense of love and community I gained in those classes and they greatly impacted the birth of my daughter.

The first day I took a class at Dharma Yoga in East Austin I felt the same love and community I had been missing at other yoga studios. I fell in love with yoga in a way I didn’t realize I would. The beautiful mix of yoga and Buddhist teachings taught at Dharma are the foundation I build upon in my classes. In 2016 I completed yoga teacher training at Dharma Yoga under the guidance of Keith Kachtick and Camilla Figueroa.

Along with mixing Buddhism into my classes, my passion is in prenatal yoga. I firmly believe becoming a mother is different for every woman and is not something that can be planned for or predicted. Through practicing yoga and mindfulness women can gain the tools to be able to handle whatever nature throws at them. These are tools that woman can use throughout motherhood. Prenatal yoga also offers a wonderful support group where mothers can share their joys and struggles during pregnancy.